The Denota Shop is a “physical” representation of our philosophy and research and helps you discover far-away places and flavours. When entering you will recognize the research that shows off the artisanry of our products and of the Made in Italy label. Starting with the packaging, it will sharpen your senses towards the perfect combination between tradition and innovation. Inside the boxes, which are objects in their own right to be displayed, you will find unforgettable flavours.

Our Living concept also includes in objects to be touched and admired: candles and diffusers designed to enhance your home through elegant aromas; refined cups, original ceramics, table linens that, to the touch, tell their story. Alongside all this, there are also customisable travel pouches… Every moment is a Denota moment.

From tea time, to lunch or family dinner, or that magical moment when the cake is taken out of the oven and placed on a beautiful dish to waking up to the sweetness of jam. And then the wine: a well-supplied cellar with over 900 labels and not only… there is handcrafted beer, Rum, Whisky and Grappa.

Enter our shop and feel the beauty, the harmony and the tastefulness.