Isabella Morseletto is a young woman, mother and entrepreneur.
Thanks to her, the Denota brand, founded in 2006, has become the benchmark for Italian beauty, creativity and taste. Isabella, a delicate presence, hides her strong and determined personality behind an authentic smile.

Raised in a family where art and creativity were a daily opportunity for discussion and growth, Isabella seized the value of this legacy. Thanks to her father’s business, she was able to experience art and meet some of the great architects of Italian and international fame: from Carlo, Afra and Tobia Scarpa to Pierluigi Cerri, and from Cini Boeri to Vittorio Gregotti, as well as Angelo Mangiarotti, Piero Porcinai, Paolo Piva and Ettore Sottsass. Giorgio De Chirico, Gino Bogoni, Miguel Berrocal were frequent guests: great artists and sculptors who transmitted the value of art and their profound and open sense of beauty and harmony.
After getting her degree in Architecture, Isabella delved into the world of printed media by becoming editor of Architecture and Design magazines and Isabella’s work coincided with this role for many years.

Then, she decided to work for her husband’s company to manage a brand dedicated to Christmas gifts. The brand is Denota, a name whose meaning comes from the verb “denotare” which means “indicate, be a mark or sign of, reveal”. Her passion for ceramics started when she was a child and is still strong today. Consequently, she has taken on a ceramic artist who can interpret her personal ideas of elegance and beauty with the help of this wonderful medium.
Convinced that art is freedom, Isabella doesn’t hinder her creativity, she gives in to it and creates candles, fabrics, glasses, air fresheners for the Denota brand, so that beauty can be a part of your home and your life. The perfect piece is not what grabs her attention, but rather the possibility of making an object unique, of customizing purses, of using colour, patterns and details to entice the uniqueness of those who choose Denota. This is how Isabella creates a strong bond between the clients and the product made for them, from the creative concept to the impeccable product, from the material to the packaging that is equally as elegant as the product it wraps.

Collaborations with designers and architects, conversations with people who know and create Made in Italy: these are what brought the Denota to become a kind of small, Italian, cultural laboratory not only for objects, but also of experiences for all the senses. The Denota client is anybody who loves beauty and is attentive to detail in a world filled with things; but it is also the company or the store which loves the idea of gifting their clients with tasteful ideas that are never superficial. That’s it, the most important part of the Denota world comes from the profoundness of art: the search for something unique to bring to life and make it accessible to those who understand it.